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The two units comprised resulted in the formation of the Infantry Centre.

Consequently, instructions for the raising of the battalion were issued on 13 January 1964.

The battalion's tour was cut short by the Australian withdrawal, however, and it ultimately completed only eight months of its designated twelve-month tour.

The last Australian battalion to leave Vietnam, the majority of 4 RAR/NZ withdrew from Nui Dat to Vung Tau on 7 November 1971, before departing for Australia on 8 December.

The battalion returned to Camp Terendak on 30 August having suffered five fatalities in Borneo, though only one man had been killed in action.4 RAR subsequently underwent a period of further training in Australia, and subsequently returned to Vietnam for its second tour in May 1971, again relieving 2 RAR.The New Zealanders from Victor Company RNZIR were again integrated into the battalion with the battalion being redsignated 4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC).The battalion became involved in intense fighting and although it sustained heavy casualties during these engagements, it successfully hindered communist attempts to move south.Its final involvement came during the Battle of Nui Le on 21 September 1971.

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