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Bret Bielema and his wife Jennifer Hielsberg married at a Catholic church.Bret Bielema and his wife enjoyed dating each other for four years.Bret Bielema is a head football coach at the University of Arkansas.Bret Bielema has proved himself as a great coach but is he a great husband to his wife? Let’s find out more about the dating history of Bielema with his wife and their married life: Arkansas coach “Bret Bielema” exchanged vows with his beautiful wife, Jennifer Hielsberg, on March 10, 2012.According to his wiki, Bret Bielema is at the age of 47 now. But there is no any exact information of Bret Bielema’s height.He gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Iowa.

Finally, Bret got down on his knees and proposed Jen.

Bret introduced himself as an MBA history professor hiding his real identity to Jen.

Bret told Fox Sports Clay Travis about his first meeting with Jen: I always say ‘I have a good memory.’ I don’t know if I remember the opening line, but I remember the opening sequence. After four months only Jen knew that Bret coached football.

When it arose across any celebrity, we often see ups and downs in their marriage life.

But what about the married life of a great Arkansas Coach Bret Bielema.

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