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s tour as the newly elected Member for Middlesex, the political unions and burghs of Auchtermuchty and Leslie petitioned for reform, including burgh reform, retrenchment, lower taxes, an extended franchise, short parliaments, annually elected councils and the ballot; and the and James Dunlop?s pamphlet to sustain the campaign, which at Cupar in November was taken up by Sir Ronald Ferguson.44 Wemyss?s criticism of the sheriff and convener (Andrew Jameson of Renny Hill and Balfour of Balbirnie) for scheduling the meeting to adopt addresses of condolence and congratulation and the election on the same day, the first with Wemyss as praeses, the second with Balfour.Erskine of Cambo and White Melville of Bennochie said nothing of Wemyss?Wemyss, Oswald and the sheriff depute Andrew Clephane declared for the original pro-government address.16 The farmers and maltsters petitioned the Commons, 21 Mar., for repeal of the additional malt duty, which Wemyss, who rallied support through the Chicken Pye Club, vehemently opposed, and the noblemen and freeholders followed suit, .17 The magistrates at their spring meeting contributed to the petitioning campaign against the Scottish juries bill, , and Oswald threatened to organize his own petition after Clephane refused to call a meeting when the measure was revived in 1822.18 Petitions against the proposed restrictions on distilling that favoured the Irish trade had bipartisan support and over 2,000 farmers signed that presented to the Commons, .19 The agriculturists petitioned both Houses the following year complaining of the low price of tallow, 21 May, and the weavers and operatives petitioned for and the manufacturers against the 1823 linen manufacture bill, 7, 21 May, 20 June.20 Petitions were forthcoming from the procurators? licences, 1 Apr., and the presbyteries against the poor rates bill, .21 Morton, who requested the appointment, became lord lieutenant of Midlothian that month and was succeeded in Fifeshire by Kellie, and Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Hope of Craighall became the convener.22 Five new claimants were enrolled at the head court at Cupar, 5 Oct. Earls Rosslyn and Leven, Lord Loughborough, Sirs Robert Henderson, R. 1826.26 Auchtermuchty, where the Perth Banking Company had a branch, petitioned the Lords similarly, 11 Apr.27 The Commons received petitions against West Indian slavery that month from Crail, the presbytery of Kirkcaldy and elsewhere.28 Canvassing had commenced in earnest at the Chicken Pye Club show at Crossgates and Kelso races when a dissolution was expected the previous autumn;29 and Wemyss, who chaired county meetings on the Forth ferries, 5 May, 8 June 1826 (after the contentious bill promoted by the Fergusons was enacted), rightly anticipated an unopposed return at the general election that month.30 His proposers were Wemyss of Dembrae and Rosslyn?s heir Lord Loughborough*, and Alexander Murray of Ayton, the oldest freeholder present, chaired. , criticized Huskisson and the liberal Tories and refused to guarantee his future conduct.31 His marriage to Lord Erroll? s to Loughborough in October 1826 enhanced his Fifeshire connections.Oswald had declared publicly as a church and state candidate, 9 Feb., and Wemyss stood on the ? as his father.7 Melville, hearing from Kellie and others on the 10th that Wemyss? For many years past the General was rather suffered than approved of as a representative of the county, and the bringing forward [of] the son, who possesses no personal claims, under the very peculiar situation of his family, was a measure that I did not conceive any judicious person would have promoted.s success was assured, maintained that government would not interfere, but he kept a close watch on the Tory infighting.8 Facing defeat, Oswald and Ferguson, who projected himself as a reluctant candidate, attributed Wemyss? This appears to me the more extraordinary upon the part of the Hope family, who never had any intimacy with that of Wemyss and who upon public grounds were supported in opposition to them by my father and many respectable gentlemen of the county only a few years ago ...

; and he refused to back down after Melville warned him on the 7th that Wemyss had the backing of Lords Kellie and Hopetoun and that a division in their party could result in the return of a Whig.6 James Stuart of Dunearn and Edinburgh, a Whig moderate who advertised his candidature on 5 Feb., was a stalking horse for Robert Ferguson and desisted directly Ferguson agreed to stand, 10 Feb. s funeral.9 Justifying his own conduct to Melville on the 25th, Oswald wrote: I did not anticipate that either Lord Kellie or through him Lord Hopetoun would have given in to such a project, or that upon any sound principle they should have been led to consider the interests of government in this country as properly placed in the hands of the Wemyss family.Wemyss sat ailing and undisturbed for the next three Parliaments, while the Fergusons and Whig earls of Rosslyn (Barons Loughborough), Sir John Oswald of Dunnikier and the Tory Lindsays of Balcarres, who had new East Indian wealth, manoeuvred to become his successor.3 Wemyss?s own objective, which infuriated Oswald, was to transfer the seat to his elder son James, a naval captain, who commenced a remarkable electioneering career as his father?s committee chairman in 1818 and deputized for him at the election meeting.4 The vice-lieutenant, the 9th earl of Kellie, hoped ?that the father and son will settle the business ...

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s illegitimate grandson and heir Sir David Erskine of Combo, 22 Apr., petitioned both Houses against the proposed additional duty on corn spirits, 3, 17 May, and the parish and inhabitants of Newburgh petitioned the Lords similarly, .39 Petitions were also forthcoming that session for abolition of the death penalty for forgery.40 A hostile editorial in the , 29 Apr., encouraged petitioning against the 1830 Scottish judicature bill, warning that ?

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