Facilities accomadating sucided in 1945

To achieve that end, each program and the approach it takes depends on several variables: These variables have produced programs that differ dramatically in teaching materials, in pedagogical approach, and in effectiveness.Some programs take a more formal linguistic approach, constructing materials patterned on those used traditionally for teaching foreign languages; others take a more community-based approach, using materials or lessons created by a community member--often a fluent speaker--or utilize some form of the immersion model.Regardless of using Xcode Server, third-party tools or custom development tools, users all need Xcode.Such a large area of domestic product infection can only reflect the serious problems of product development and build environment maintenance and security awareness.

In 1974, the project took on a new dimension when I was offered a position to head the North Dakota Indian Languages Program at Mary College (now Mary University) in Bismarck.

In 1969 an Arikara woman visiting a Pawnee friend with whom I worked invited me to come to North Dakota.

She suggested that I document her language, just as I was doing with Pawnee, since no one had ever recorded Arikara and she knew several elders who would be willing to work with me.

The primary goal of the multimedia lessons is to provide a means of studying a language by listening to native voices when there are no longer speakers to serve as language models.

The multimedia dictionary database was designed to develop "talking" dictionaries that incorporate sound recordings of words in dictionaries.

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The purpose of that program was to develop curriculum materials for supporting language instruction for the languages native to the state: specifically, for Arikara, Hidatsa, Mandan, and two Sioux dialects, Yanktonai (Dakota) and Teton (Lakota).

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