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It’s great for networking, too, as you never know who you’ll meet.

They also host a mind-boggling number of events each week on everything from the future of the retail industry to help for startups.

This must be said for working from a hotel: no one will ever give you a dirty look when you feel like you must surely have overstayed your welcome.

The Hoxton has super cool interiors with a multitude of rooms for you to tuck yourself away into.

The film starts with fairly feasible geography as the Americans fly by chopper from Stansted to Somerset House, then take an armoured car down Fleet Street to St Paul's.We meet Banning jogging backwards through a park in Washington DC (though clearly this is shot in Hyde Park).He’s merely obnoxious at this point and yet to reveal himself as the sadistic racist he becomes later on when the chips are down.They are all then obliterated in a sequence that a shocked TV newsman describes, with beautiful bathos, as "an attack that has decimated most of the known landmarks in the British capital." These money shots of the capital being blown apart are all over the posters and are the key selling point of the movie.The problem is that we’ve seen all this before (quite a lot actually, from Bond to GI Joe) and done with much better CGI too.

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Oh, and excuse us for not bothering with the plot until now; but we’re only following the lead of the writers, who barely bothered at all (and we do seriously wonder whether Donald Trump wasn’t part of the writing team).

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