Is bret michaels still dating teya

That's not the American way." If you're going to travel around in two buses just to make sure you can throw people under them at need, you kind of have to expect a few fatalities from the weight of the wheels. Brittnay has already come across as super needy, and the other blonde (Melissa? That sort of one piece of blond silicone sewn down the middle with clear plasticine thread vibe.... He made me laugh this week with, "I'm not sure which is more sad: that her family heriloom is a bill or that she gave it to me" ..something to that effect. I'm thinking he just sews the wig into each do rag so it's easier to put on in a hurry. Brittaney is, indeed, a total stalker but then it is hard not to feel a teensy bit sorry for her. She and the Penthouse chick seem the most "real" of the bunch. Beverly I think is her name and yes I admired her greatly for saying "I have kids who are going to see this". Come on Bret did she make you feel a tiny bit guilty that your own kids might see this stuff to one day? And as for our medical elimination -- did we ever get to know her? Do any of them ever realize he gets to see the confessionals between the end of the season and the reunion special? I am surprised he kicked out Farah before Mindy, Pierceyface or Jamie the anonymous new girl, but Jamie made her move. I mean, you can't possibly believe that Teya has an ounce of genuine interest in Bret.

The public reason for Marcia going home: despite her being a perma-drunk whose only issue with the hour when you start drinking is that she has to sleep sometime, she has a good heart and gave away a token of Bret's non-affection to someone who would really appreciate it.Of course, there's just one minor problem with this theory: Good Ashley doesn't exist.She was strangled in her sleep by Bad Ashley at the age of six months.DH and I completely agree about the lack of concern over destroyed clothes and possible/actual assault.I wonder though if it's how the girls present the drama. Just last episode, Bret was saying that he feels really comfortable talking with her and yadda, yadda, yadda... I hope Heather gets at least one good punch in on Brittania's pierced face!

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