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For Lourdes, the sudden online attention was entirely unexpected.

'It's really cool that so many people are finding this funny since it was supposed to just be a joke between me and my friends.

While we shrieked, Joseph ripped off his mask and fell out laughing, as if this was the funniest thing he’d ever seen. He sprouted from just over five feet to five feet ten.

It got so where every night I pulled the covers tightly over my head and gently rocked myself until drifting off. Overnight, it seemed, he went from a cute little boy to a gangly teenager.

The man in the picture was really Sergio Cortes, a Spanish musician who travels the world as a Michael Jackson impersonator and performer where he sings, dances, and of course remakes the most iconic poses of the King of Pop.

The musician is currently on tour in South America for his Live Tribute show to the late star, and hasn't responded to his image that has swept American online platforms.

All of the replies have been so hilarious,' Lourdes revealed on her tweet that has been reposted multiple times on viral accounts.'Also I kind of feel like a troll since some people actually believed that I was dating the guy, but I've just been going with it,' she said on her trick.

But the silver lining of the prank is the clear ever-burning passion for the legendary artists' music that remains evergreen from generation to generation.'It's nice to know that so many people still care for and love Michael Jackson,' Lourdes added.

I truly believe that Jackie had the same potential to become a star in his own right.Certain body parts outgrew others, and now Michael was the object of merciless ribbing, especially from his father.“Look at that big nose on your face,” Joseph used to taunt. Bignose.” In one altercation recalled by Marlon, Joseph held Michael upside down by one leg at the age of three and “pummeled him over and over again with his hand, hitting him on his back and buttocks.” Marlon also said he himself would “get lit up like a Christmas tree,” by Joseph.Michael loathed their dad Joe, accusing him of beating him as a child, which Joe, who lives apart from Katherine, has always denied.But Marlon insisted: “My father beat us a lot of times. That sort of discipline wasn’t abnormal in our neighborhood but it doesn’t mean it was right.” And Marlon believes the beatings may have fatally damaged Jackson’s self-esteem and ability to fend for himself.

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“It does a couple of things to you – it forms you into this person who is not able to confront people when they’re not satisfied with things.

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