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We closed the account and the final balance came to £287.67 for electricity and £653.92 for gas.

In September 2009, he called us as he had received a debt-collection letter for the above amounts.

The alleged indecent act relates to an incident involving one individual at or near Valcartier between September and December 2014.

The two counts of scandalous conduct relate to two alleged separate incidents, involving separate individuals, at or near Valcartier, according to the Department of National Defence.

I went into work to obtain ID, including copies of my passport and driving licence, plus a letter from the tax office, a credit card bill and my membership card from my professional accountancy institute, all with my address.

When I went back to Halifax, I was told this was not enough, so the bank would put a stop on my account until I could show them some other ID.

Now Npower has done its own calculation and reduced the sum unpaid from £154.67 to £134.67, out of the total outstanding on the electricity account of £287.67.

They then switched the energy account to Scottish Power, which promised to close the Npower account. When Scottish Power realised what had happened, it returned the amounts paid to it. In 2009, I received two letters from Npower requesting payment for old bills.

I told Npower I had left the property in February 2009.

A director of professional development for the Canadian military based at Canadian Forces Base Kingston has been charged with two counts of sexual assault and faces eight other charges related to various alleged incidents. Jean-Francois Duval was charged Monday by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service.

The charges relate to alleged incidents involving five military personnel at 2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier in Quebec and 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown in New Brunswick between January 2005 and December 2014, according to the National Investigation Service.

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They would not explain why the account was on stop.

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