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I sure don't if you do then why are you here you non fanatic!

Category: Dating Games Description: Cero is a painter who once suffered from terrible insomnia.

There you have the chance to get to know three extremely beautiful and very different girls Angel, Rylee and Riri.

The objective is to find a way and escape the dream with one of the girls. Below you have a walkthrough of the game, so you can check it out.

) and it took me 4 good long tries to have it go the way I wanted.

You are currently playing Kaleidoscope Dating Sim on KBH Games. We have the best collection of Online Games from the most talented publishers and developers.

When you have enough points you can date them and start to make your way out of the dream world.

Will this dating sim be your most beautiful dream or your most terrifying nightmare?

Each door contains a dream world and a dream soul who could be your true love.

Talk with them, answer their questions correctly and give them gifts to build relationship points with them.

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So, at this very moment I'm scanning some drawings I drew yesterday. Which I'll be coloring in Photoshop Elements(see 'Playing' in the status-thingie below).

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