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When you throw in Dorothy Gale of Kansas, maybe it blows things a bit out of whack. (Jevon Phillips)Now we get to see Regina's childhood in a flashback, and maybe we'll see if she ever really wanted a sister.Cora imparts some evil mom wisdom to little Regina: "The only person I can rely on is me." Regina, though, does want a sister.Speaking of magical comas, Belle is still in a sleep curse.Rumplestiltskin says that he needs to fix what's wrong, and that he's going to have to use dark magic to get it done despite Belle's wishes that he use light magic.Regina believes Cora may be the only person who can talk Zelena out of her Hades crush.Hook rescues Cora from her Underworld hell as a miller's daughter."Once my heart is beating again, and I can leave this place, I want to give it to you." So that's his endgame — to get his heart beating. Regina, seeming genuinely concerned with Zelena's well-being, tells her there's no way she and Hades should be together.

Who pulls up but Cruella, revealing that this is all part of her plan. They talk, and Cora tells Zelena that she's sorry she gave her away. Regina and Zelena, playing as children, somehow figure out that they could be related.

She stumbles upon Cora's magic wand (Cora may have wanted her to), and tries to enchant, or even make real, her doll, but the spell backfires.

Regina seems to be in some kind of magic coma and her mom and dad helplessly look over her.

Australian actress Meegan Warner will take over the role as Rapunzel from Alexandra Metz, who played the iconic long-haired princess in Season 3 of the series.

According to reports, Season 7 of the hit ABC series will find Rapunzel trapped in a tower by an evil sorceress where she’ll do whatever it takes to free herself Warner’s casting is just the latest in a series of changes to the show.

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