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According to earlier reports, the UAE plans to buy more than a squadron of Su-35 (NATO reporting name: Flanker-E) fighter jets.

It was planned to negotiate the exact number at talks during the Dubai Airshow 2017.

The community is very friendly and the people I know are good to each other, but I would not say they are a very close community. I have never really been a part of it, though, as I am quite a busy person; I don’t have much time at all for myself. I came here on a business trip, but I didn’t really have much idea how people functioned here and my English was very basic to say the least.

It took about six months to get to the point where people could understand me properly.

E., working in tandem with her supervisor, got her a temporary work visa and met her at the airport when she arrived in Dubai.

Many are brought from abroad, often against their will, and sometimes suffering abuse in the process. It is a profitable trade -- but not for the women themselves. There are various legal loopholes these women use to stay in the U. "You know that only the local people can make that kind of visa," Marina says.

Katarina was eventually able to get out of prostitution. She says she knows of a girl -- perhaps 14 years old -- whose own mother, an alcoholic, sold her for 0 to traffickers to be brought to Dubai. Bektybek says these are women who either escaped from their sponsors or were caught by police and ordered to leave the country. Human smugglers, especially from the former Soviet republics, are said to be active and deep-rooted in the U. Tajikistan does not have a diplomatic presence in the United Arab Emirates. "According to unofficial data, more than 300 Tajik woman and girls have been arrested and imprisoned in the United Arab Emirates for prostitution. Preventing them from being involved in this traffic is more important. Despite repeated requests, officials at the Russian and Uzbek missions in the U. Dubai emigration, foreign affairs, and police officials also refused to comment. under false pretenses -- promising opportunities to work as secretaries or shopkeepers -- the overwhelming majority of the women appear to arrive in the U. A woman would then pay a fee of thousands of dollars to receive the company's visa allotment.

Akaev Bektybek, consul general of the Kyrgyz Republic, says he knows only too well about such traffickers. But Nigida Mamadjonova, who works for the International Office for Migration in Dushanbe, says she is aware of the growing problem in the U. Interviews with women of various nationalities indicate that while some underground networks do bring women to the U. As long as they stay out of trouble, everyone is happy.

We decided to give them international names so that wherever they are in the world, they will be comfortable with their names.

But in fact, prostitution is a multimillion-dollar industry there. Katarina says the first two times the men sensed that she was not ready and decided not to be aggressive. government for failing to tackle the links between prostitution and illegal trafficking. under false pretenses and subsequently forced into sexual servitude, primarily by criminals of their own country who take advantage of the U. E.'s openness." Dubai's Cyclone night club is a typical example of the U. But Cyclone is hardly the only place in Dubai providing work for prostitutes. I also have a boyfriend [here] to help me [with expenses]. I think every girl has this kind of boyfriend to pay rent, to pay for food, to pay for clothes," Marina says.

Many of the women involved have traveled or been brought to the U. There are an estimated 2,000 prostitutes working in Dubai. State Department report on human trafficking, released in June, sharply criticizes the U. The report says: "The United Arab Emirates is a destination country for men, women, and children trafficked primarily from South and East Asia and the former Soviet Union for the purposes of sexual and labor exploitation." It adds: "A significant number of foreign women are lured to the U. You can find them at almost every five-star hotel in the emirate, or even on the streets. She says her plan is to work in Dubai for two to three years and save enough money to buy apartments in Romania, refurbish them, and sell them for profit. Once a woman has arrived on a tourism or temporary-entry permit, there seems to be no shortage of local connections willing to help with the visa extension.

Her coach and most of the mothers there – around 70 per cent – are Russian.

This is probably because ice skating is a very popular sport in Russia. I had a shop back home in Rostov-On-Don, selling dress fabric.

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