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If you take a comment they make that might be hurtful and take it for what it is and be humorous about it they will learn to lighten up. I know its hard for some to do this but, alot of time the reason why what a scorpio says is hurtful to you is because it is the truth you been trying to avoid about yourself. This is the famous Scorpio 'sting' that people don't like. If we listen we can grow or avoid a bigger problem even death. Instead of being hurt by something someone says there are other ways to take it.I know its hard for some to do this but, alot of time the reason why what a scorpio says is hurtful to you is because it is the truth you been trying to avoid about yourself. I'm the first to admit that my bluntness has been hurtful. We are taught in this F'ed up society that pain is bad that we should always get rid of it. When people have issues with something sometimes it is they who have the problem. Example If i say you smell you could take it in a way that you get offended. You said sometimes perception is best used on ourselves but, this is just selfishness.most times I have seen a scorpio at work self or others it is not really a planned event. I think the reason alot of scorpios are often depressed or in the negative aspect of their sign is because they sense their own faults and the faults of the world and cant deal.Still does not effect my advice for the nice lady not to take the criticism of other people in a negative way.Now I may be somewhat superstitious, and I put a lil faith (not alot) into this zodiac stuff, but um maybe all you Scorps in here can explain the Cancer/Scorp connection, in a way I can comprehend my unconcious predilection for the sign. If a Scorpio EVER has THAT exceptional a gift, they should use it to improve themselves, then after they become the perfect person they can ask others if they also want to reap the rewards of a Scorpio's 'great gift'.If we all waited to be perfect to help someone else we would be waiting till hell freezes over to borrow a cliche' Nothing wrong with using a gift to look at your fault or anyone else.Just like I have not taken your advice in a negative way.

I have never before spoke to someone that has such an interesting way of looking at things.

They were all very sexual women, incredibly exciting in that arena (with the exception of the ex- wedding cake killed that desire), and more often than not that is what caused the relationships to last longer than they probably should have.

Yes i did note the moodiness as well, but then we Cancers are accused of the same thing.

I only intentionally avoid Scorpio men once they start rehashing all the personality-trait generalities of Scorpio women, then declare themselves as incredibly insightful Scorpios just because I've agreed with some of those known generalities as they apply to me. Passive-aggressive, self-centered, moody, pouty but played the sensitivity card when it was to his advantage. So the relationship is workable with the right people.

Being a Cancer, I'm the sensitive type and tend to hide inside my shell to protect my feelings. I have no idea since he's the only one I've ever dated. Ok- i always thought myself typical scorpio, passionate and i guess moody and have a down side.

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What I still find baffling, is even when I peruse my matches (other sites list this), when I click on one, and see the zodiac sign, invariably, 7 out of 10 times, the woman is a Scorpio.

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