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The protection against discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation includes sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and gender based dating and domestic violence and stalking.

But his brother-in-law insisted he had told the truth, and said he did it so his sister Maria would at last realise the kind of man she had married.

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The Paul Burrrell saga sank to tawdry new depths yesterday with claims that he boasted of having regular sex with Princess Diana and seeing the Queen naked.

'He and Maria came home to Cheshire one weekend and on the Sunday lunchtime Paul asked if he could speak to me in private. Like it was part of his duties.' Mr Cosgrove told the newspaper that Burrell had said he and Diana were in love, and said the relationship had started when the princess had confided in him that she was trapped in a loveless marriage to Prince Charles.

'He clearly had something on his mind so we went to the Peal of Bells in Holt for a few pints. He said his sister Maria had told him Diana would phone their quarters during the night and demand Burrell went to Kensington Palace.

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