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Victoria Secret models are selling sex appeal, in that they are not doing a lap dance, grinding on my swollen member. I only danced for 2.5 years, and I had already been married 7 years when I started..I guess my situation doesn't apply to the OP.A stripper is selling a fantasy of sex by acting out sexual acts, but not actually doing them. However, I danced with many students, more than a few girls with degrees, several single moms who got to live well and spend time with their kids, and one attorney who was stripping to pay off her student loans.Which I think is an utter load of bull turd, but that is just me.I was quite surprised at the liberal-ness of the opinions they put on the air.Are Victoria's Secret models drawing customers with their sex appeal or drawing customers to a fantasy of sex?I imagine they were thinking more along the lines of whether they could stand to date a stripper without jealously ruining the relationship, not whether they considered stripping morally defensible.I think they probably did not put a large portion of the conservitives on the radio.Michelle I don't actually think there's much of a difference between the two in this particular context.

Conversation was normal, nothing too alarming or surprising.

Certainly a lot of trash goes into the profession, because all they have is their sex appeal and few opportunities to make much money...not all fit that stereotype.

I was a few days into the app, still bright-eyed and bushy-bageled, eager to find out who I would get the next day and whether or not we would be connected.

The fact that her job was stripping probably wouldn't bother me much, in and of itself.

But there are a lot of stereotypes about strippers - wild; low self-esteem; interested in dating guys with a lot of money - that are probably true in many cases.

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