Tips for dating an introvert

Read on for pro tips about how to speak up and stand out.

Being shy is often described as a drawback, but it’s actually a really valuable quality and — especially when you’re a shy person who might be a little self-conscious about it — it’s important to understand why.

No matter what you need to say, or to whom, sometimes you just need to face your fears. Because, here’s the thing about shy people: They’re like old-fashioned Edison bulbs.

Plus, when they say something, people tend to actually listen, since shy people don’t always assert an opinion.

Sure, it’s good to be a little mysterious, but dating is a two-person game, not a one-way interview, and in order to make an impression you have to do more than listen: You have to This is admittedly the toughest thing for shy people to do; but sometimes you have to have your own back to accomplish your goals.

And, that can come at the cost of your own comfort.

All three of the pros interviewed for this piece emphasized that sometimes putting yourself out there is the difference between getting what you want — whether it’s a promotion, a job, or the significant other of your dreams — and not.

So, make a practice of knowing the best ways to make yourself stand out at work, get things off your chest with your friends, and tell your partner what’s in your heart and mind.

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