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Most shots that most people take don't use flash at all.Nokia, please don't lose the flashlight capability, and make your phones bulkier, more battery hungry, more fragile, less green and more expensive just so a few people can see their drunk face close ups better.

It might switch on but not work for long, but if thats the chance you want to take then thats upto you.And that this update is by way of a stand-in measure until a future handset with both features back? NOKIA - If you're reading this - yes, LOTS of people do want Xenon back and decent graphics power, in future handsets. I for one will not buy another Nokia handset without a Xenon flash - most shots that most people take are not in the best light or done without a steady hand, and LED fails in comparison to Xenon in these situations. Personally, I chose not to upgrade my N95-1 to an N95 8GB because of the lack of lens cover.Then I chose not to upgrade to an N85 because of the lack of a graphics chip. Aimed at the Nokia N95 (which must be drawing its pension by now), Nokia have released a new firmware for the device. Not that they have too much to offer but this is one good quality I like in Apple, continuing support for what you've sold in the market. This is very interesting in the light of Steve's N95/N96/N97 comparison and some of the rabid comments that followed it.We're off to dust down the older phones (they must be in here somewhere) to find out what delights are in v35.0.001. Personally, I chose not to upgrade my N95-1 to an N95 8GB because of the lack of lens cover.

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Ik had namelijk de afgelopen dagen best wel last van een paar irritante bugs.

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