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He says his nose initially broke after falling down/out of the attic.) His perfect toes (he showed Wendy his French-manicure); and he suggests that the two of them become friends and hang out (Wendy told him she does all of her socializing in the studio. Plus, she doesn't have the time.)But enough with the niceties. Miss Dwight, who says he has both a husband co-stars to famous rappers.(Sidebar: Have you been to Atlanta? Now lol as for Dwight, He may love the spot light more then any man or woman.April 08, 2009 AM “It’s really interesting because the men are so standoffish, but the women don’t care," says Dwight.

Dwight talked about her nose jobs (he's had two already, with another planned.

Dwight doing him and being himself is not making it harder for bisexual, gays or anyone else. April 06, 2009 PM I'll admit that I'm surprised at Dwight's upcoming marriage to a woman but that may say more about me than it says about him (or the woman).

Why should I care if you are bisexual thats your preference just like mine is to be mostly homosexual and someone elses is to be completely heterosexual. The bride-to-be certainly knows that Dwight is gay or bisexual (he is not on the DL, that's for sure) and is apparently OK with it. April 08, 2009 AM I dont see the problem with Dwight marrying a Woman, if its for the right reasons.

This obsession with "masculinity" and thugism among gay men is demoralizing.

As demoralizing as the homophobia it originates from. He, like most of us, wanted all along to be loved and was not finding it from gay men. Whether the marriage "lasts" is not important because the majority of black marriages where both parties are presumably straight end in divorce so what's the difference.

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