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If the terms are included in legislation that underpin the policy be sure to use the definitions from the legislation (e.g., disability, prohibited grounds, discrimination, harassment, workplace violence).

Questions Identify the person or position employees can approach if they have questions.

A policy is a formal statement of a principle or rule that members of an organization must follow.

Each policy addresses an issue important to the organization's mission or operations.

The Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence is here to assist you in shaping a policy that is best for your organization.

For a model policy and other best practices on this issue, please see other resources on this site.

Other legal considerations may be specific to your workplace.Scope The scope outlines to whom the policy applies.It may apply to all staff and workers, or differentiate based on level, location, employment status, or department.Swiss made replica watches This section is filled with ideas, tips and tools on topics ranging from Assisting Victims at Work to Dealing with Employees Who Batter.Designed to touch upon cheap led light bulbs the most common-and sensitive-issues every organization faces.

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This section gives practical information to organizations on how to develop HR policies and procedures. It will be useful to those who are just beginning to develop policies and those who are reviewing and updating existing policies.

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