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The dance is usually performed in sets of six or eight dancers, who wear bell pads on their shins.

If you enjoy this time-honoured tradition, Broadway welcomes Morris dancing each year and has become a great day out for the whole family.

It is based on rhythmic stepping, typically accompanied by music, and the execution of choreographed figures by a group of dancers. UK Dance patterns (intermediate)Dance Tipsmembers.uk_salsadancingmembers.uk_thomasoflaherty Our Dance & Music Salsa-Fun-Therapy. Uk Homepagesalsa.fateback.comsalsa Salsa Boot Salsa Crazy's Salsa Dance Videos and DVDs. shop.STEPS 4 SALSA (The site for all your salsa videos, salsa dvd s and salsa clips)The Salsa Patterns Repository salsa in dublin The Latin Promotor Your Latin Guide in The Netherlands Your Party Promotor The Latin Promotor= Your Latin Guide in The Netherlands The Party Promotor & Specialist Welcome to Salsa in Northern Ireland A revolution in domain names has been taking place over the last few months.Every website needs a domain name, the address of the site itself on the internet. Every domain name is linked to a certain top-level-domain (TLD), in our case this is .com, one of the most popular TLDs on the internet.

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