Xacam girls

Let’s get the political haranguing out of the way before we go too much further...The destruction this administration has done to our country in the past 7 years is mind blowing.

Anh chia sẻ: “Người Đài Loan thương chó như thương con nít, như người thân trong gia đình.

They are solely the views and expressions of the authors and/or contributors to this website and do not necessarily represent the views of the Army Signal Corps Officer Candidate School Association, its Officers, Directors, members, volunteers, staff, or any other party associated with the Association.

Some have criticized us for making the content of this Home Page too political. However, from our perspective, having fought for America and having kept our tongue all of those years we were in uniform, we feel we have now earned the right, as civilians, to speak our mind as to how those that run the country we fought for are doing.

It’s nearly impossible to find any vestiges of the old America in this new version Obama has created.

For the sake of social experimentation, he has systematically disassembled the very foundations of our greatness, and left both us Americans and the rest of the world with a nearly non-functional, mostly useless bureaucracy without purpose or leadership. We talk here not just of the destruction he has wrought by emasculating the military in terms of size and budget, but also in terms of its mission.

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